I stopped trying, the coincidences started- now I’m freaking out.

  1. I am not really into esoteric stuff. I have a high tolerance for different ideas and I’m intellectually curious, but I don’t integrate so-called ‘new age things’ into my life in any way. There are no chrystals in my apartment, I don’t meditate, I pretend to like yoga because I think it would be good for me but I’m not consistent enough to do it. I would take a Thai massage over getting on the mat, any day.
  2. With the advent of the global pandemic, as for so many folks, shit got real. Priorities shifted, and, when faced with possible and imminent death, mine crystalized with unexpected clarity: “Leave this country, leave this familial constellation, go to your centre, return to your source.”

When did the coincidences start to happen?

I cannot explain it, I had no contact with this person for over 20 years, we were not close, it felt totally random and deeply touching. And basically, quite freaky.

We finished our weekly zoom call on a wistful note, and in less than a minute she texted me an unbelievable picture.



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